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About Us

Cemerlang Pertama was formed with a simple idea of bringing affordable housing that are well build, and well managed to the people who needs a comfortable environment for their families.  This idea may seem simple, but in this era, it is not an easy feat to achieve.  The world is facing a pandemic.  Very soon it will be facing with inflation.  Our citizens are not realizing higher income that can match the rate of inflation.  Furthermore, foreign exchange risk is lurking.  Every time the Malaysian ringgit depreciates, cost of material will increase.  This cost increment cycle will cause things to be less assessable.  How can the company provide something that has a higher value than the price paid.  It is our mission to find the solution to all these so that Sabahan can have the urbanization they deserve.


Plan 2020-2025

Prepare for expansion. 

On the Look out


To lead the change in affordable housing offerings


To form allies to enhance values to home buyers.

To boldly transform to control cost appreciation

Core Value

Humble – recognize our weaknesses and improve on them

Humility – be down to earth so we can hear the needs to be fulfilled

Harmony – sustain a conducive relationship with all things around us

Cemerlang Pertama

One simple step at a time to your satisfaction

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