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About Us

At Cemerlang Pertama, we are driven by a grand vision that goes beyond the confines of economic fluctuations. We are committed to embodying strength, innovation, and creativity in everything we do. Our primary goal is to bring affordable, well-built, and well-managed housing to those who seek a comfortable environment for their families. While this idea may seem simple, it is an ambitious endeavor in today’s challenging times. In an era shaped by dynamic geopolitical landscapes and economic complexities, we understand the pressing concerns faced by our society. We recognize the challenges brought about by shifting tides, rising cost of living, and unpredictable global factors. At Cemerlang Pertama, we embrace these realities as catalysts for growth and innovation. However, it is precisely these challenges that motivate us to excel. Our mission is to find innovative solutions that transcend these limitations, ensuring that the people of Sabah can enjoy the urbanization they rightfully deserve. We aim to provide housing solutions that offer unmatched value, going beyond the mere price paid. We firmly believe in creating a future where affordable housing is not compromised by external factors but rather flourishes through our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication. With a steadfast spirit, we embrace the changing times and the demands they bring. We continuously seek new avenues, pioneering novel approaches, and harnessing the power of innovation and creativity. By doing so, we are confident in our ability to fulfill the aspirations of our customers and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community we serve. Welcome to Cemerlang Pertama, where our passion for providing affordable housing intersects with our unwavering commitment to strength, innovation, and creativity.


Plan 2020-2025

Prepare for expansion. 

On the Look out


To lead the change in affordable housing offerings


To form allies to enhance values to home buyers.

To boldly transform to control cost appreciation

Core Value

Humble – recognize our weaknesses and improve on them

Humility – be down to earth so we can hear the needs to be fulfilled

Harmony – sustain a conducive relationship with all things around us

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