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Our founders started out in very different fields.  One of them is a Bachelor of commerce who ended up in the mechanical industry, one of them is a Bachelor of Science who ended up in the financial industry.  From the mechanical industry, our founder was running a cast yard that manufactured construction machinery parts.  This led to international trades, and later on, a tie up with Emarat, a State own enterprise in the UAE as a distributor.  As unpredictable as how things have started, he started his own property development company in 2011 away from his previous endeavor.  Our other founder is an engineer by profession but ventured into health care, logistics, and banking.  Being the top sales in all three industries during his tenure, and even winning titles in the banking line, he decisively when into road works contracting.  These intertwining of events caused the two founders to meet.  With a wealth of experiences from various industries, Cemerlang Pertama is formed.  We believe, with brilliant strategy and execution, the company will be able to bring benefits to the Sabah community.

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